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2021Q1 Product Updates

· 3 min read
JK Baseer
Tradly Team

As a lean startup, we are evolving every day, being open to changes in customer expectation to industry needs. We believe all of our success and customer success depends on the continuous improvement on everything we do. We are experimenting different things, reflecting on and making changes accordingly.


It’s been a wonderful quarter, We are able to move lot of things from manual to automated. Thanks to the team for their consistent energy making every dream a reality. They were able to do because of the patience and support from our customers.

New DIY SuperAdmin release#

Automation was one of our top 3 quarterly priorities. This is going to tremendously helpful to our customers. You do not rely on with us for many small changes or even signing up a new sandbox account with us, we have got the fundamentals ready now. There is still lot of things to be done. However this is a good start that we are able to reach this point. This is something we envisioned. All of us are happy that it’s partially live.

Get ready for the SuperAdmin and expect a surprising bugs as well 😁😁 because we are still in beta.

How to access? Go to or with the same credentials you have before. Or signup a new account on the sandbox itself. (Not mobile responsive as of now)


Old Process vs New SuperAdmin#


What’s next?#

We are only 15% of what we have planned. The next few weeks will receive regular updates

  • Stabilising the beta release of the new SuperAdmin
  • Transferring the pending features from the old SuperAdmin(v1) to the New(v2)
  • Automation of build request from dashboard itself (This might take months though)

New Community Forum#

We have been carefully thought about connecting with our customers and community on private channel (Slack) vs Public Community ( We have gone ahead by launching the early version of our public community forum. Comparing with Private, Public contributes to one of our values being an open (platform). Now anybody can join in the platform, ask questions, help each other, discuss our roadmaps, etc.

Private Support Portal#

Everything that is confidential, build request, feature request, bug submission for paid customers will be done through our Support System (Puffin). The customers are onboarded into Support Portal once they become paid customer.

Averagely more than 80% of the tickets per client we have received whether it's bug or enhancements has been completed per client

Core Platform Updates:#

We are sharing regular updates (even weekly) on what is released on API and mobile apps in our Changelog. So we will be continuing there. We are considering to move this to our community channel or our status management system to make sure our customers like you get updates on what is ready for them to activate.

January Product Updates

· 2 min read
JK Baseer
Tradly Team

Thanks for being great support to us with patience and feedbacks to improve the ecosystem. Every suggestions you give us always help your fellow entreprenuers as well.

Here is update for January so far:

  1. Attributes enhancement (public-private, file attachment attribute)
  2. Account Approval is live on production

Note: If you want to activate this feature, let us know on slack for now. We will add this into SuperAdmin settings soon.

Account Approval#

As a marketplace operators, you will be able to do a KYC process before approving stores to be shown in the marketplace. A bigger marketplace wants to regulate everything happening in it's business

  • Marketplace owner able to approve a store in superadmin panel similar to our existing listing approval
  • You can activate auto approval or manual approval based on your performance
  • Until the store is activated, a seller account will not be visible in the marketplace from feed to search
  • A seller will have a label in his shop to see the account approval status

Coming soon:

  • Sellers receive a push notification notification when his store is approved or disapproved

Attribute Enhancement#

Every new attribute type is an opportunity for marketplace to increase user experience

  • Now you can get file attachment on account level or listing level. This will help you to do activities from KYC process to simple file verification
  • You can make attribute as private or public. Use cases like private data you want to gather from accounts/storeowners

2020Q4 Product Updates

· 3 min read
JK Baseer
Tradly Team

Listening to wonderful entrepreneurs out is one of the happiest moment we have every day. We listen to their feedbacks, their plans, doubts, etc. We are working towards solving each goal aggressively 😎

  The last quarter of 2020 was a promising one which gave us signal on what's working, what's not and what need to be enhanced as well. This is achieved through two level of performance tracking. We improved our sentry implementation to identify different logs in front end apps and same way identifying issues in our backend API/database performance. Other than that dozen of feature releases to activate! 

  1. Improved store profile pages to increase engagement between your seller and buyer 👩‍🎨
  2. Store reviews is live ⭐️
  3. Promo banner enhancement 🏙
  4. API Status 💹
  5. Stability improvements through advanced log collection
  6. Slack Community Channel 💬

Improved store profile pages#

The purpose behind to enhance this profile is to increase visibility of users and allow them to engage

  • "About us" section can provide more informations about a store.
  • Marketplace operators can add additional fields on account/store creation to increase the trust of buyers about a seller
  • Direct chat : Allowing a chat directly from a store leads your users to contact sellers. A new chat means new engagement thus increasing the user retention by keep visiting the app
  • Share button: Now the share button is more visible. Which will allow organic share of a certain stores by the users thus increasing new users
  • Store Active and Inactive: Your sellers can now make a store active or inactive based on their business hours, vacation time or even they want to shut down for a while. This way your store operators can enjoy DND and also you can avoid sellers being churned
  • Reviews and Ratings explicitly show on store profiles

Store reviews#

Your users can submit reviews of a seller stores/orders, etc.

  • Your users can submit reviews of a store with details and photo of their experience Coming soon:
  • Marketplace operators able to see the reviews in SuperAdmin
  • Marketplace operators able to see the details of a store Id with review scroll. Thus using the store ID, they can create custom collection widget on app home pages.

Promo Banner Enhancement#

Adding to the existing way of have promo banner as static and listing as destination. Now

  • You can use external URL as a destination (Example: sending them to a FAQ Page)
  • You can use store ID as a destination. This helps you to promote a particular store.

API Status Tracking #

Now you can track our servers reliability if you are in doubt about the performance of API.

  • This status tracker provides if there is any issues in our API reliability, performance, etc
  • You can subscribe to the status tracker if you want to get update about maintenance updates, etc


  This is what we have on production and dozens of other product developments are happening in our TradlyPlatform ecosystem. One of the drastic improvement we are making is improving our SuperAdmin Panel. Stay Tuned!

You can test this features using sandbox apps with tenantID like ‘tradlysocial’ or ‘luxuryfashion’

September Product Updates

· 3 min read
JK Baseer
Tradly Team

As always thanks for the support and for sharing about our product to others. We are doing great and we believe you as well 😊. 

  1. Tradly made it to the semi finals in a pitch battle 🏅. The great thing is our very fitch pitch is to one of the best VC in the world, Sequoia Capital 😎.
  2. Features updates
  3. New YouTube channel with multiple demo of our products
  4. New Pricing for developer community with our API focused headless solution
  5. Open sourcing our react web app, Hummingbird

About the Pitch#

It doesn’t matter whether we win to the final! Considering as an early stage company(1year old) without big numbers like others, We are among the 6 innovative players who are selected. Our first goal is to get the brand exposure and get good suggestions from smart people, so we can innovate incredible products to our customers. 

We are thankful to Techinasia for organising and Sequoia Surge team for screening us to the semifinal!

Features Updates#

On the app level and API level

  • Now sellers can see the transactions from the buyers on mobile app itself

  • Sellers able to see their sales balance and payment status to their bank account.

  • New pickup flow: Seller can select their preferred shipment method

  • Buyer can also select their preferred shipment method based on availability.

  • Seller can add additional shipping price while submitting listings

  • Seller can add maximum quantity that buyer can purchase per listing.

  • payout
  • shipment

Youtube Channel#

We were bit delayed in the space of demonstrating our products in a clear way. We believe our initiative of making more videos can give more clarity and deeper view on how our solution works. We are planning to add the channel with more videos on other topics like

  • Platform Economy
  • Building and Growing a Marketplace
  • Do subscribe > Tradly Youtube

New pricing for Developers#

From the day one our goal is to build an API first solution for the digital commerce revolution. It’s going to take long time to fulfil that goal. However, We are having a good start

  • Whereby we have our headless API first version released with free sandbox account
  • API in postman collection as of now
  • Production environment starts just at $49.
  • Pricing Page

Opensourcing Hummingbird#

We are working on open sourcing our hummingbird, ReactJS web app that is connected with our API. Benefits are

  • Developers can launch this on their own server like other ReactJS and own the production
  • This can serve as a good boilerplate instead of building something on their own. Fast to the market.
  • In a month, we are planning to release the V1. If you would like to contribute, let us know.

That’s all what we have. Let us know if there is any feedbacks. Again hope you are doing good 😊

August Product Updates

· 2 min read
JK Baseer
Tradly Team

Hello All,

Thanks for being a great support to us and early adopters to help the product. Your ideas, your dreams and our vision are what drive us to innovate more and deliver new features.

We are sharing here what's happening recently. 

  • Managing revenue model from SuperAdmin Panel
    We have released a commission model configuration which allows platform owners to set commission on product category level. Previously, it was available on overall transactions. Further info

  • New Notification center
    Adding to our existing chat notifications, now you can find the permanent notification on the notification center about the order status and social feed. Further info

  • Improved order detail page

    • Your buyers can directly chat with the seller. 
    • Able to change the order status and confirm order delivery. 
    • And find the order status in detailed steps. 
  • Reviews

    • Your buyers can submit reviews with photos and ratings. 
    • Coming soon: Allowing sellers to ask for further feedback from the buyers or ask them to edit
    • Coming soon: Buyer able to edit and update their feedback
    • Coming soon: Showing up combined review score on profile page
  • Other things

    • Design Kit: We have made our design kit open for our customers to test different thematic colors and UI customisation. Available here
    • Updated our docs on the customisation to explain clearly what you can change and what you cannot before launching the app to Playstore and Appstore. Also their specifications of assets
  • Star ⭐️ of the month
    Our customer from Australia wanted to connect plant 🌱 loving communities. They are launching a marketplace using our infrastructure to allow people to buy and sell plants. We are excited about their idea and doing our best to succeed in their business. Posting here the app link in our next update for you to check if you are from australia.


· One min read
JK Baseer
Tradly Team

We are pleased to announce our Tradly Platform knowledge portal which includes everything from documentation to detailed recipes on how to build a platform business.

We are starting small with information what we believe is needed for customers to start ahead. However, we will be regularly every week updating the contents to reflect new product updates and contents for our customers to be updated on what we are upto.

WE are 100% sure this knowledge portal may not be perfect thing but we want to start small and continue build things on top of it.

Primary objectives of this platform

  • Providing detailed documentation on features provided by Tradly Platform
  • Step by step information on building different platform business model - Targeting one modal explanation every 10days
  • Not as Primary source of API-Reference but as a secondary reference
  • Superadmin Panel - How to guides
  • Marketplace extentions - Integrations guides
  • FAQ, Other doubts.

Keep your ideas coming if there is anything missing on this portal