Frequently asked questions

How frequent my app may get updated/ released?

Quarterly: Every quarter we release new set of features. At that time, we will update all our client apps

On-demand: Whenever find bugs, performance issues. We will updates in 24hours, 48hours or within a week based on the issues type

Fix within 24hours. Probably within 8hours if its fall under MY/SGT working hours

  • Payments issue:
  • User signup or sign in
  • Chat is not initiating
  • cannot add to cart or checkout

Fix within 3days

  • Any screen is loading slowly. It doesn't happen so far :)

Do you have web app?

Currently we don't have full fledged web app. And we are not planning to prioritise this anytime soon to provide a offering. However we are working on to make our web app a open source solution for community developers to spin off and customise according to their needs.

Two approaches using our Headless API product

  1. Opensourcing our webapp which will be free of cost. Hence your web development agencies can take the skeleton and build up on it. 2020Q1 or 2021Q2 (Previously it was planned for Q1 but due to refocus on SuperAdmin, we are delaying this)
  2. Working with trategic partners who can develop the web app from scratch using Tradly API or still forking the existing repository to develop further.

How much does it cost to develop webapp?

  1. Website development - Depends on the UI requirements (Range from 4K to 10K USD) if you use our partners to develop
    1. or you can use your own developers with your own design and consume our API. Our API is just 0.49% of the total marketplace transaction as shared before.
    2. our partners will take 30-50 working days to complete this. 
    3. Pros: You will own the website code

Can we get additional functionalities?

Yes you can request functionalities. We approach this additional requirements in few ways For example: 

  • A client who recently signed up with us wanted an account approval process and file attachment (We had this already in our roadmap but we prioritised as paying clients need it) > We launched his mvp but added this account approval subsequently
  • Same goes to another client. We didn't support store level reviews before, we have it now activated for them within a month. 
  • Another client who is asking about custom subscription based revenue model. We are now working on it as she is a serious subscribed customer. 

So to answer your above questions. It depends on how serious are you about us and timeline on this. 

What I will get in my first build?

You will get the whitelabel version of your app with all the existing functionality tested and working. This is the 10days commitment we make provided that you finish 3rd party tools signup(2hours) and appstore/playstore licences.

All your enhancements will be provided in the next build. If you really want to have your enhancement be available in the first build itself, then we might take time within a month and provide the build. New feature enhancements will take analysis, communication, testing in different environment and launch.

How can i provide links to external pages ?

There is already available to provide links to external pages

  1. Promo Banners : It allows you to setup external URL as a destination
  2. Support Page : On more section of the app, When a user click on the support link, you can send the that inbrowser traffic to anything you wish.

Do I have to build the app by myself?

Applicable to clients who use full stack package (api + apps)

Not really. Our app is 100% no code platform. There isn't anywhere a code is used to customise the app. Most cases you will use the SuperAdmin panel to make any intermediate customisation you need. If it's advanced, then you can discuss with our team on how to move forward.

Do TradlyPlatform sell source code of the app?

We are a pure Platform as a service platform (PaaS). All the codes are intellectual properties. So we don't sell any of our source code. However there is a flexibility with our architecture that helps you to migrate.


  • If you want to build your own app, you can consume our Headless API solution and built the apps with any sort of customisation you want to make
  • Custom Plan users has the flexibility to maintain a separate code. That is suitable for companies with bigger budget.