Features available in tradly apps

This document will cover most of the features available in the app. The terms used may vary based on business nature but the functional element are mostly applicable for many marketplace.

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We call everything posted by the user as Listing. But it can also be called as Post, Product, Service Advertisement, Classified post, Task, Notes, Energy Stations, etc. However we try to create as much as personalised terms according to the business nature on the solutions(usecases) guide section.


When a user register in the app, he will be optionally able to create accounts based on his purpose of joining the platform.

  • For a retail product marketplace like Etsy/AliExpress, Accounts are called as Stores Profiles.
  • For an educational marketplace like Coursera, Udemy, Accounts are called as Tutor Profiles
  • For a property marketplace platform like Airbnb, it is called as Tenant Profile. We call them generally as accounts and it may vary based on your business model. As a functional element it is used to create accounts.

Account Attributes

You can create additional attributes(fields) of information to be collected when user open an account. Example such as

  • Fashion Marketplace ( can have location, What type of products they sell, etc)
  • EduTech marketplace (Tutor availability, Expertise, Academic qualifications , etc)
  • Grocery Marketplace( Shop Location , Type of product they sell, Growing method(Organic), Procurement(home made or Direct farm buy or resell)

Different Login system

User Story : An user who wants to register inside your apps to start using your services.

Depends on the business nature, you may want to have different registration system for your users to register. We have the below list of registrations available in the app

  • Facebook Registration: An user can use their facebook login to signin/signup
  • Google Registration: An user can use their Google login to signin/signup
  • Native email registration : An user can just any email which is not connected to 3rd party logins to Signin/signup
  • Phone number based registration: An user can signin/signup using their phone number with OTP verification in their first registration. In the subsequent signin, the verified phone number and password can be used to signin.

In the subsequent documentation, we will mostly use terms and explanation based on typical retail marketplaces.

Social marketplace feed

User Story : An user who wants to have social media styled social feed where they can see the listings, follow stores and discover trending accounts/profiles/stores

An important part of social marketplace platform is social features where you have many engagement generating features. Things like likes, follow, chat, etc can create more engagements between different users in the app instead of just browsing different listings.

Currently available ,

  • Like listings
  • Follow accounts
  • Chat with accounts
  • User Ratings
  • User Reviews
  • Wish list (private)
  • Groups (Alpha release)

Coming Soon

  • Comments on listings level
  • Wish list (public)
  • Stories like instagram

Customisable collections widgets

An user when he visit the home page of the app, should be able to find fresh collection of ideas.

Currently available

  • Recent list of accounts/stores/profiles
  • Recent list of Listings/Ideas/Postings/Ads

Coming soon on SuperAdmin panel (Available immediately based on manual request)

  • Custom collections based on tags
  • Using Attributes filter
  • Category (multiple)
  • Listing title
  • Price (less than, greater than, etc)
  • Offer percent (less than, greater than)
  • Location (kilometer/miles radius)


A platform owner able to use this media section to show any sort of communication on this prime placement.

You can use this to

  • Important promotions
  • How to Guides
  • Explanation of some features
  • Specific product promotion that leads to that product page
  • Advertisement placement
  • Towards a particular tag (A tag has collection of listings)
  • And many other usages based on your ideas.

Inbuilt Chat

An user able to chat with prospective seller/account/tutorprofile, etc to discuss about the listings

The chat feature is more or less like the WhatsApp features which allows the users to do

  • Personal and private communications
  • Share locations
  • Attach additional private photos and documents about the listings

Hybrid Listing Page

A platform owner can configure custom fields/Attributes on listings submission personalised to categories

  • When a user add a listing > on top of the title, description, category, images, List price, offer percent, tags (as you seen in the redbox)> we can add other attributes as a field to collect more information. 

  • Example Scenarios
    • Product type: used or new 

    • For fashion marketplace Item material: Cotton, Linen OR Item color: Red, blue, Green

    • For agriculture marketplace> Price per: Gram, Kilogram

    • For property marketplace> Rental Price: Per day, per week, per month. 


Configuration: You can configure attributes by all 4 level categories.

Advanced 4 Level category

As a platform owner when you want to build high level marketplace to have deeper categorisation.


  • Men
    • Clothing
      • Tops,
      • Coats
      • Beachwear,
      • BridalWear
      • Jeans
        • Skinny Leg

Men is a first level category Clothing is a second level category Tops, Coats, Beachwear, Bridal wear and Jeans are 3rd level category Skinny leg is a 4th level category

  • Based on your business nature, you can use this in different ways. You can use category to allow users to discover somethings or find different set of needs based on how you plan it.
  • You can add attributes based on parent and child categories

Configuration: When you configure an attribute for 4th level , the attribute is only available for 4th level and not to its parent level categories. You need to select/add the parent categories and child categories wherever it’s applicable.

Notification center

An user able to get the updates about different things to keep updated

  • Chat message notifications
  • An account owner receive a notifcation when someone followed the account
  • An account owner receive a notifcation when someone like the listing
  • An account owner or buyer receiving status update about his orders

Coming soon

  • Account owner(Ex:Store owner) receive a notification when buyer made a review.
  • Users receive a notifcation When a listings posted by followed accounts.

Flexible Account creation

As a platform owner, you can design different account creation form based on the type of accounts you have.

  • When you are building hybrid marketplace, you want to have different stake holders to open accounts. And the accounts perhaps need different information than the primary information.
  • By Default, we only collect the Name and Description of the account registration
  • You can configure additional attributes (HOW TO CONFIGURE : LINK) based on your business nature
  • You can create multiple categories of accounts
  • You can create additional attributes specific to an account category rather than overall

Wishlist / Bookmarks / Save Listings / Favourites

User able to add an item to his Wishlist (also called as bookmarks, save, favourite) to refer that in future for further actions

  • When a user like a listing from any place while he discover, it’s get added to his wish list.
  • Like/Unlike activates/deactivates the item to be in wish list.

Invite your friends feature (Unique Links)

User able to invite his friends/fans through an unique generated links

  • Tradly Platform use advanced deep links systems (LINK TO WIKI) to allow user to generate his invite links
  • Invite links can be used to invite his friends on multiple channels
  • Invite

Coming soon

  • User able to see how many people have joined the app because of him
  • Platform owner able to rewards users based on the new referrals they got
  • Platform owner able to encourage influencers/affiliates to use this link for promotions, referrals, etc to track the performance

Dynamic Deeplinking

User able to share his listings on multiple channels with web preview of the item and deeplinks directly to the app

  • When a suer share his item on facebook > Facebook will have unique preview of that listings (with meta informations)
  • When any of his friends click that link > He is able to input his phone number to receive the app install OR
  • IF the user user is on mobile browser, The dynamic links will lead to respective stores to install the app
  • Once the user install the app, she/he will be directly linked to the listing page instead of just home page

Advanced Search

User able to do advanced search of listings through search function to find the accurate things

Search feature allows the user to

  • Traditional listing name and description based search
  • Advanced attributes as an filter to filter listings
  • Sorting functions like price , recency

Coming soon

  • Map level filters (Neaby miles/KM)
  • Location searches (by city, region and country)

Multiple Payment Options

User able to select different payment gateways based on his preference to checkout

Current available

  • Cash on delivery/pickup
  • Stripe Connect (Master, VISA, Apple Pay)
  • Razor Pay

Multiple Shipping Address

User able to save multiple shipping address based on his circumstances to choose

  • Add unlimited shipping address in his profiles
  • Select different delivery address on every new orders
  • Edit, Delete shipping address.

Language Choosing

User able to select his personal choice of language for the app to use

  • If the platform owner enables multi language option, the user able to select the language preferences under the settings of the app

My Orders / Bookings / Others

User able to keep track of the orders or bookings he made with other accounts and follow the updates from there

Currently available

  • User able to see the order details - Time , Order_ID
  • User able to see the listing he purchased

Coming soon

  • Status of the order (Cancelled, Shipped)
  • Status of the shipping (If shipping/logistics partner API is connected)

Ratings & Reviews

User able to rate and review the listings he recently got serviced, purchased, made bookings, etc to share his experiences


Configuration: Similar like listing attributes, platform owner can design what sort of informations he wants to collect from the user on the rating and review page

Currently available:

  • Rating (5 Stars)
  • Type of ratings
  • Photos
  • Descriptions
  • Short title

Coming soon

  • Configure the above informations to be optional or mandatory
  • Activate/Deactivate the above attributes from super admin panel
  • Add new attributes from super admin panel


User able to add multiple items to his shopping cart to make a single transaction

  • When a user make a purchase from different sellers, A single transaction is created to show his purchase amount, amount charged on card, time, etc.
  • However unique orders will be created per seller to allow your users to track the shipment on seller level.

Did we miss anything?