Difference between C2C, B2C, B2B, B2B2C, Social Commerce, etc


Example: Depop, Etsy, Kickstarte Consumer to consumer. Or called as peer to peer. Where people like you can just open a shop and sell without any big legal standard procedure

B2B (Multi Vendor Marketplaces)

Example: Alibaba marketplace, Udaan Multiple merchants - Multiple buyers


Example: Shopify shops, Woocommerce, Run by mostly single company, single brand


Example: Custom business models like Farfetch

Social commerce

Example: Shopify lite, Avana, Shopmatic FB/IG Solutions As a consumer, open up a shop in the shopify backend dashboard but don’t have front end website whereas their shops will be visible in facebook, Instagram, etc

Physical Kiosk

Example: Purchasing via vending machines on Bus stops, shopping malls and other display devices on the streets or shops indoor.