Integrating Firebase


Firebase which is owned by Google provide multiple set of features more specifically focused on Mobile app and gradually bringing new features for web apps as well. Having a glance the URL : can tell you every list of features they offer. Apart from confidential notes, we use firebase to allow you to

  • Check your app stability and Performance using their Crashlytics
  • We use App Distribution to share pre-release built with you, so you can share with your team to test the app before it get's published
  • It does bring you out of box features like Dynamic Links, Predictions, Cloud Messaging, etc.

Firebase done a good job of explaining each features through a short video on every page you navigate, so you will be educated if this is the first time you are using Firebase.

Step by Step

  1. Go to Firebase
  2. Signup for a free account using your gmail account (It is recommended to have one GmailID or GoogleApps email for all your signup like this)
  3. Create a new project as you see here fb-newproject
  4. Name your project fb-nameit
  5. As Google analytics comes on top of firebase and it's free. Consider enabling to get free mobile app analytics fb-enablega
  6. You will not find anything like ist... but you need to create your Google cloud solution account as well fb-addgcp
  7. From here you can go to upgrade your billing option as Blaze plan is necessary fb-upgrade
  8. Choose Blaze plan which is pay as you go plan fb-blaze
  9. From here you can find the access control fb-users
  10. Add TradlyTeam email sent to you as owner fb-owner

Note: Blaze plan is mandatory to deploy push notification for chat messages