Location across apps

There are many places in the app we have used geo location features. There are few ways you can configure them to achieve your business

Maps we support

  1. Google Maps (Places API)
  2. Openstreet map ()

Places currently available

  1. Account creation (Example: Store creation)
  2. Listing creation (Example: Product or a property having a location field)
  3. Address (shipping address, pickup address)


  1. Finding nearby stores through search with KM or Miles filters
  2. Creating collection widgets using nearby location (You can configure whether you want around 15KM or # number)
  3. Buyers able to find the location of a listing on listing detail page
  4. Anybody able to find the location of a account/store profile on their about us page (If the marketplace owner has made the location field public)
  5. Buyers or sellers able to find the location in order detail page (Delivery address or pickup address)