Why we built Tradly Platform?

“We help entrepreneurs launch their marketplace ideas in a matter of days” - Tradly Platform.

There are great people who want to solve problems in their community and society. They might have excellant ideas which they believe that can contribute to gradually solve the bigger problem. Some are strong technical people who can build things what they wanted. Some want to merely test things in a quicker way possible. Some might be strong at other ground skills but not the technical skills. But the intentions of all this people are same. Solving the problems we face everyday. Create new opportunities to improve the life of their people. We built this Tradly Platform for those great people.

When we zoom in, lot of entrepreneurs and enterprise want to launch their platforms, validate their idea and growing them. They face problems ranging from cost of building the tech from scratch to advancing their platform. This involves huge cost and resources without a accurate timeline and budget leading to high risk and budget issue.

To avoid this, Tradly platform has prebuilt marketplace modules which can be spinned off anytime. We provide Platform as a Service(PaaS) module where we charge the usages of our platform on monthly basis.

  • This reduce the risk of cost burning, validating the idea faster and getting into the market faster in days.
  • They save cost, energy and time with us. We want to enable their platform idea by sharing our platform infrastracture at minimal cost and less riskier as they can stop the monthly cost anytime.

So do we build any digital infrastructure? NO! But Platform business model infrastructure.

  • The industries are moving towards mass market production to platformisation. "Platforms are business models that allow multiple sides (producers and consumers) to interact [...] by providing an infrastructure that connects them” - Sangeet Paul chaudary.
  • Example of business models like Amazon E-Commerce, AliExpress, Uber, Etsy, Depop, Airbnb, TaskRabbit and lot of other multi sided marketplaces.
  • There is not many focused pre-built solutions that is catered to this business models.

To make any entrepreneur/enterprise to launch their marketplace app or any other platforms easily and with least amount of $10 per day cost, Tradly platform helps them.