Revenue Model

Based on your company strategy, you can opt for different revenue models. Below are the list which are available and roadmap as well

100% Transfer

Applicable for Stripe Standard Available for clients based in Stripe connect supported countries.

% Commission/Fee


- SupplySide only with category
- Demand Side only with category
- Supply and Demand
- Custom conditions conditions like country, category, accounts (On Roadmap)

Available for clients based in stripe connected supported countries. Here is how it works.


Classified style featured ads

Available on home page and possibility in other pages. And it is possible for all countries with Stripe Payments or other custom payments method mentioned here

Listing Fee

  • You can charge for accounts to allow them posting listings. Once they pay, the system will allow them to post listings.

- Current available: "Paid Listing for first listing itself"

(can be customisabl for)

- Paid Listings with no of listings controlled (For first 5 free, after that charges)
- Paid Listing for first listing itself
- Paid Listing Package (5 listings - $10, 20 Listings -$20)
- Pay you as Go (Pay per listings)
- Listing Monthly Subscription

Subscription charges

  • Mostly available for countries which has Stripe, Paypal and other payments. subscription-revenue-model

Promoted Listings

(not available until 2021Q3)