Subscription revenue model

A marketplace which allow people to buy and sell with no middleman commmission charges on transaction. Your revenue model is like a SaaS business where you just charge sellers or buyers for the usage of the app on a monthly subscription fee

Highly suitable for emerging markets In emerging markets, there is not lof of physical or digital infrastracture to handle activities like

  • Delivery (No matured players. The new players will need to have strong technologies,Hence we can integrate their system to TradlyPlatform)
  • Payments (Even online payments is pretty much new to them. So the conpanies who are offering online payments has started grow. But those payment gateways doesn't provide split payments for marketplace business. ). We faced this situations for many of our clients
  • Mindset of people sometimes they want to skip the marketplace to avoid commission fee. They do direct dealing between buyers and sellers.

So in this case, you can easily launch a marketplace without complication on a monthly subscription fee and later add other functionality when the market is ready for it.