Understanding the TradlyPlatform Ecosystem

This page covers the different type of platform apps available for you to choose, Package to subscribe, understanding the difference of them and Why you need to consider each of this solutions.

TradlyPlatform - Android Only

(Comes under Lite Package, starting just from $99 per month) Android Apps. Apps that build using Google android operating system. It can be served on all devices that is using android operating system (something like Windows operating system) TradlyPlatform Android version can run as

  • Simple mobile app
  • Tablet App
  • Embedded in IoT Devices
  • Kiosk, POS Devices.

One of our first and strong product is our android apps where all our features are first tested and launched. If you are looking simply to validate your ideas without taking too much risks, launching android only version can be faster to market and simple Google play store procedures/policies.

TradlyPlatform - WebApp Only

Webapp. Simply it can be called as website but it's a not simple website. It's more of an application that looks like a website which will have advanced app like features which are modular + customisable in next 6 months releases.

One of our unique approach is to build products that become lifestyle of our users and our client's users. TradlyPlatform believes apps can be closer to user life than a simple website. An app can provide more deepers use cases like location, notifications, chats, etc. So going on the path of apps can be more opt than simple websites.

Hence our webapp are considered as addon to our existing stack rather than as our first solution. So you may not find extensive features available in the web app to customise. Again consider this as additional channel of traffic

TradlyPlatform - Full Package

Full package solution comprising of android mobile app, ios mobile app, webapp and superadmin dashboard.

TradlyPlatform - SuperAdmin Panel

A SuperAdmin Dashboard is nothing but a platform owners dashboard to monitor platform performance, configure the platform information with easy interface.

  • Typically most of this configurations are done through developers via hard coding.
  • To empower the non technical platform owners + making fast actions, you can use SuperAdmin Dashboard to achieve partial configurations of the platform features.
  • We will expanding what you can do with this dashboard with more features like direct app customisation, etc.

You can read more about here on what are the features available on superadmin.


All the above solutions + API solution comes with free SuperAdmin Panel.

TradlyPlatform API - Headless

Tradly API is API-FIRST headless commerce platform which will provide backend business logic and system to start tech developers to build front apps on top of it.

Front end apps includes but not limited to Mobile Apps, web apps, POS, Kiosk, Digital Boards, etc.


You need to have developers with strong technical knowledge to use our API product. Non technical founders are not encouraged to test this approach.

Why did we start Tradly API?

As a platform thinking company, we need to open ourself first. Creativity is everywhere and it is powerful if we harness them. There are great people out there who can build different use cases on top of our core API, so we want to open app our API.

Secondly from user perspective, the type and number of devices/displays they are getting exposed to increasing. The world has changed from one single device to multiple devices (Laptop, Phone, tablet, Smart watch, etc). And it doesn't seems to be stopping with 5G and IoT penetration.

If you want to build a solution for a future, you need all this capabilities and we are working towards that.


At any point of your time whether you are using our full package or ala carte solution, you can consume our API to build any custom solutions. That's the power of TradlyPlatform Ecosystem